PHY 2053

Summer 2018


Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-2pm

Spring 2018


Important formulas to know for the final, will be reviewed at study union on 4/23/18

230-430 pm


11-1pm MWF

Spring 2017

8-10am Monday & Wednesday
5-7pm Tuesday & Thursday
*All hours take place in Howard Philips Hall room 115*

We will be having a Study Union review session for the PHY 2053 final!
It will be on April 25th, 11:00-1:00 in the Garden room at the Student Union.
It will also be livestreamed. The link for that can be found here.
Materials for this session can be found here, along with all of the other physics sessions. Solutions will be posted after the review. You can attempt the problems before the review (in fact, I recommend it) but you don’t have to 🙂
I hope to see you all there!

Here are some more extra problems, this time for Chapter 8 (Rotational Motion). Only eight this time, but this chapter is almost exactly like kinematics again for a good portion of it!
Extra Problems Chapter 8

I got some requests for extra problems for Chapter 7 (Impulse and Momentum), so here are a few I think you will find are good practice!
Extra Problems Chapter 7

Unfortunately, I cannot schedule a test review before the next exam. But here is a review!
Test 2 Review
This includes practice problems on Newton’s Laws & forces, centripetal acceleration, and some work & energy at the end. Not everything may be on your exam! Make sure you double check with your professor!

Fall 2016 Materials

Test Review:
physics-review-test-1 <- Chapters 1-3, with a summary of 4

Good luck on your test! 😀

Summer 2016 Materials

Test Reviews:
Physics Review Test 2 <- Chapters 4-6

Final Review:
PHY 2053 FINAL REVIEW <- the entire review, including chapter 10 and material you are not doing on torque. Just ignore anything that you haven’t done.
Caitlin Solutions PHY 2053 <- written out solutions for the practice problems

Good luck on your exam! 😀