CHM 2211

Spring 2017
Welcome to the Spring 2017 semester! The SARC Peer tutors are enthusiastic to work with you this semester to achieve success in Organic Chemistry. Session times are listed below and will be held every week for the rest of the semester. Please check back here often for additional resources or announcements about Test Reviews.

Exam II Review

July 5, 2017

4:30 – 6:30 PM in HPH 115 (SARC Tutoring Lab)

Please print your own handouts this time. Only the synthesis problems will be handed out.


OPAL will be Friday at 2:00 Pm until 2:50 PM. See the OPAL tab for the schedule that has the links in it or click HERE and use the room passcode “OPAL”


Monday and Wednesday 12:30pm – 2:30 pm
Tuesday 1:00pm – 3:00pm

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Content below is for the Summer 2017 Semester



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Content below here is from the Summer 2017 Semester

Test reviews from the first four tests can be found below and the reviews for the next two can also be found here.

Test 1 Review

Test 2 Review

Chapter 17-Pericylics

Exam 2 Review 2017

Test 3 Review

Test 4 Review part 1

Test 4 Review part 2

Test Review Chapter 20– Summer 2017

FRQ Practice Ch 20 and 21

T5 Review Student Version

Topics for Final Review


Chapter 19 and 20 study guide

Cheat Sheet for IR, HNMR, and CNMR

Final Exam — ACS Selected Problems  

A helpful page with some MC practice can be found here

Even more can be found here

And some more here

Last one… is here